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5 Hottest Kitchen Trends for 2024

Is it time for an updated kitchen?

Does your kitchen feel tired and outdated? Do you feel like it’s no longer serving your needs, and doesn’t inspire you? If you are ready to upgrade to a modern kitchen design, we can help. From technology to aesthetics, we’ve got you covered, with some of the hottest kitchen trends for 2024.

Five Hot Trends for 2024

  1. Modern kitchens embrace technology. As technology advances, more homeowners are integrating smart appliances, voice control systems, and connected devices into their kitchen renovations. Smart refrigerators, voice activated assistants, and automated lighting systems are all popular, because they make life more convenient and user friendly.
  2. Less is still more. The popularity of minimalism shows no signs of slowing, and in 2024 you can expect a strong focus on clean, uncluttered kitchen design. Integrated storage solutions, concealed appliances, and sleek surfaces create an aesthetically appealing space with no visual disruptions.
  3. Well thought out backsplashes are big. Bold, attention grabbing backsplashes are still all the rage, for good reason! A beautiful backsplash gives your kitchen a focal point that can make all the difference in your design. There’s no reason to think this trend will slow in 2024, but what’s changing is the backsplash design. More and more, people are highlighting natural stone in their backsplashes, creating a sophisticated, timeless look. In many cases, the material used in the countertops is carried through the backsplash, for a beautiful, seamless look.
  4. Eco-friendly and sustainable are more than just buzzwords. As our awareness of environmental issues grows, more people are becoming interested in sustainable kitchen design. In 2024, look for eco-friendly materials, water-conserving fixtures, energy-efficient appliances, and kitchen layouts that integrate recycling and composting systems, as well as indoor herb gardens and vertical planters. What’s more, the trends of 2024 will incorporate natural and organic elements, with natural materials and color palettes taking center stage.
  5. Custom kitchen designs personalize the space for the user. Above all, kitchens should be functional, and modern homeowners want space that not only reflects their personal sense of style, but also works for their specific needs. Customized cabinetry, unique hardware, and color palettes to showcase the owner’s signature style will all be seen in the kitchens of 2024.

Modern Kitchen Design with We Do Kitchens 2

When you’re ready to update your kitchen, calling for a professional kitchen remodel is simple with We Do Kitchens 2. With over 100 years of combined design experience, our locally owned and operated business uses only the best products and techniques to deliver the remodeling services our customers deserve. We’ve built our reputation on providing the upgrades and styles our customers want, with stunning results and exceptional service. Further, we’re known as leaders in the remodeling industry, members of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI), and accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Our company holds the licenses, credentials, and insurance necessary to get each job done right, and we work hard to follow NARI’s Code of Ethics and build strong relationships with our customers, suppliers, and vendors. To learn more about what We Do Kitchens 2 can do for you, visit our showroom in Greenfield, WI, call 414-509-1450 for a free in-home visit with a professional designer, or contact us through our website.

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