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Trust We Do Kitchens 2 for Kitchen Remodeling Help

Sitting down to plan a kitchen remodel can seem overwhelming and intimidating at first, especially planning around an existing blueprint. There are plenty of questions you must answer, such as whether to get new lights, what countertop material would work best, and what style of cabinets would make the kitchen stand out. We Do Kitchens 2 is here to help dispel your fears by helping you plan your kitchen remodel for your Milwaukee, WI, home. Before our team arrives, we’ll meet with you to review every aspect of your remodel, from colors, cabinets, and countertops. Our team will listen to your needs and provide recommendations to ensure you get your idea kitchen without going over budget. Keep reading to learn how to plan better for your remodel. After planning, reach out to schedule a free estimate today.

Factors to Consider When You Start Planning

If you’re remodeling your kitchen, we believe it should reflect you, your family, and your lifestyle. Start thinking about how you commonly use your kitchen. Do you cook often or order takeout more? Is your kitchen the central gathering/entertainment hub in your home? These questions can help guide you throughout the remodeling process. We Do Kitchens 2 has pulled together some other factors you should consider at the start of your remodel. While our team will help you with some of these, preparing beforehand will make you feel more secure when you sit down and look at the nitty-gritty of planning elements within your remodeling package. Here is our list of factors you should consider before planning out your remodel:

  • Set Your Goals – We recommend sitting down and thinking about your kitchen and how you currently use it versus what you want to get out of it. This helps you become more realistic regarding added features and allows you to focus on what you want from your remodel.
  • Establish Your Budget – Setting a budget for your remodel is more than looking at your finances and determining what you can comfortably afford. Establishing an honest budget requires researching the available materials and associated costs. We’ll help you by detailing our installation costs and available materials for your new cabinets or countertops. With our kitchen remodel package starting at $20,995, we have selections for every type of budget.
  • Conduct Research – While we will help wherever possible, we recommend researching possible styles and designs. This can help provide some insight into what materials and colors would look best for the style you’re looking for.
  • Aim for Quality – It’s understandable to try to save money whenever possible, but when it comes to remodeling your kitchen, we recommend aiming for quality whenever possible. Not only will high-quality materials function better and last longer, but they will also increase your home’s resale value.
  • Establish Your Needs Vs. Wants – When thinking about what to add to your kitchen, decide what would be cool and what you need. This could include new appliances, cooking features, and more storage space. We’ll take a look at your existing floor plan and help advise which economical upgrades you’ll get the most out of.
  • Plan Your Space Appropriately – Most kitchens today are designed around specific work zones instead of appliances. This allows us to get more out of our kitchens while maximizing any existing available space.

Find the Right Cabinets and Color Scheme

New cabinets may seem like something you can decide on later in the remodeling process. However, we suggest picking them out early. Your cabinets can help direct the overall feel and style of your kitchen. Are you looking for something modern or traditional? Further, your cabinets can help direct the color of your entire kitchen. When deciding on the color, we suggest considering any natural light and your style direction. Deciding on the color early helps narrow down what countertop materials fit your look. While color may not seem that important, color can have a significant impact on the feel of your space. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask our design staff. We’ll be happy to answer any questions and provide suggestions.

Consider All Possible Flooring and Lightning Options

One of the most common things overlooked in any kitchen remodel is the lights and flooring. Your flooring needs to be as durable as your countertops. Wood flooring is famous for remaining stunning even in high-traffic workspaces. Another option is porcelain or stone tile, which are forgiving flooring options that clean easily and resist stains if properly maintained . Something else to consider is the lighting in your kitchen. Whether you’re going for more natural light or warm white lights, the lights you use can impact the look and feel of your space.

Benefits of a Recently Remodeled Kitchen

As mentioned, your kitchen is the heart of your home. Your kitchen undergoes daily wear and is used to make meals, entertain guests, and bring the family together. If you’re still unsure if remodeling your kitchen is the right choice, we’ve pulled together some of the most significant benefits of a recently remodeled kitchen. If you have any questions or want additional information after reading, give our team a call. Our dedicated team is ready to answer your question. Take a look at some of the best benefits of remodeling your kitchen, including:

  • More Cooking Space – Remodeling your kitchen allows you to turn a cramped kitchen into a spacious cooking area. You can add countertops, islands, and food prep areas to help turn your kitchen into a functional cooking space.
  • Increased Comfort – While planning your new kitchen, you can add elements to help improve your comfort in the kitchen, such as better ventilation systems. These little additions help make the kitchen a better place to cook in.
  • Better Safety – Nothing can end a party quicker than someone slipping and falling. By adding slip-resistant flooring, or even a better ventilation range, you can keep your kitchen safer.
  • Increased Storage Space – Nothing’s worse than trying to find one item in your kitchen and having to dig through cluttered cupboards. Our team will help you design a kitchen with enough storage space to help declutter your space.
  • Better Energy Efficiency – Consider switching to energy-efficient appliances and lights to lower your home’s energy consumption.
  • Save Money on Utility Bills – When you focus on energy-efficient lights and appliances, you’ll notice that your monthly utility bill will start to lower.
  • Increased Home Value – Families looking for new homes care about how the kitchen looks and operates. Kitchens are one of the most significant selling points for homes. Remodeling yours has a high return on investment and makes your home more attractive to buyers.
  • Improved Function and Efficiency – Investing in certain features and elements can help improve the function and efficiency of your kitchen. Countertops that are easier to clean, cabinets that are durable and built to last, and non-slip flooring are all features that help make your kitchen smoother.

Let Us Help You Design Your New Kitchen Today

At We Do Kitchens 2, our experienced and compassionate designers and installers will work with you to ensure you get the kitchen of your dreams within your existing floor plan. Planning a kitchen remodel can be overwhelming, but you’re not alone. If you’re ready to sit down and plan out your new kitchen remodeling package, don’t hesitate to schedule a consultation or stop by to tour our showroom so you can get some ideas. Let our talented professionals help make your dream kitchen a reality with our unrivaled remodeling services.

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