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Answering Milwaukee’s Kitchen Remodeling FAQ

The kitchen is the heart of any home. Whether it’s cooking or throwing a party, your kitchen should be a warm and welcoming area where everyone can get together for a good time. We Do Kitchens 2 provides unrivaled economical kitchen remodels for Milwaukee, WI, homeowners. We can help bring new life to kitchens that are too small, cramped, or poorly designed. Our experienced contractors and designers will work with you to modify a space that suits you without breaking the bank. Don’t hesitate to reach out today to schedule your free estimate and make your ideal kitchen a reality.

Addressing Your Kitchen Remodeling FAQs

Between finding the right color, design, and layout, deciding to remodel your kitchen can be overwhelming. Our design and installation team will work with you through each step of the process. Still, understandably, you may have additional questions. We’ve compiled some of the most common questions we receive regarding our kitchen renovation package. If, after reading, you still have additional questions, reach out. We’ll be happy to help. Here are our kitchen remodeling FAQs:

  • What’s The Difference Between a Remodel and a Renovation? – The terms remodel and renovation are often used interchangeably. However, there is a difference. Renovating your kitchen is refreshing or giving your kitchen a new look. These include changing the paint, redoing the tiling, or resurfacing the cabinets. For example, rearranging your cupboards or adding more counter space while leaving the same layout and structure of your kitchen is a renovation. Remodeling your kitchen is when you alter the layout, such as adding or removing walls, installing new lights, or changing the layout of your appliances.
  • How Much Will a Remodel Cost? – The associated cost of your remodel depends on several factors, including the size and nature of the project, materials, style, and more.
  • How Long Does a Remodel Take? – While there are no set timelines for any given remodel, the project size can cause the process to take longer. Our professional team strives to finish all installations in approximately 6 weeks. We’ll provide regular updates to keep you aware of our progress. Never be afraid to ask for an update.
  • Should I Design My New Kitchen Before Coming In? – When you schedule a consultation with We Do Kitchens 2, you’ll work alongside our experienced design team. Having an idea or rough sketch of your desired look may be helpful going into that meeting, but it’s not required. We’ll take measurements of your kitchen and provide recommendations based on your home and suggestions to make your dream kitchen a reality.
  • Will I Be Able to Use My Kitchen During the Remodel? – The amount of access you have to your kitchen depends on the size of your remodel. There may be sections you can access, or it could be an area completely off-limits until the remodel is finished. We recommend setting up a temporary kitchen ahead of time. This helps ensure you and your family stay safe and fed while our team remodels your kitchen.
  • Can I Live in My Home During the Remodel? – While most kitchen remodels prevent you from using your kitchen, you can stay home during the remodel.
  • How Can I Better Plan for a Kitchen Remodel? – One of the best ways to plan and prepare for your remodel is to look for design inspirations through magazines or online. This will help you better understand the kind of kitchen you want while providing some direction on the style. Of course, you’ll work with our skilled design team, who will provide recommendations based on your needs and preferences.
  • How Can I Finance a Kitchen Remodel? – We understand that finances are one of the biggest reasons households avoid remodels. We offer financing options to help you get the kitchen you’ve always wanted. Call us today to discuss all possible options.
  • Does a New Remodeled Kitchen Change My Home Value? – Without a doubt, remodeling your kitchen will boost your home’s value. A kitchen is the focal point of any home; if you’re considering selling your home, a remodel is a perfect investment.
  • Is Remodeling Worth It? – Even a minor remodel will add value to your home. Most remodels provide some ROI on the project.
  • Do We Do Kitchens 2 Offer Free Estimates and Consultations? – Yes, we do! We Do Kitchens 2 offers consultations and free estimates on each potential kitchen remodel. We believe all potential customers should be able to see the value and quality they’re getting for trusting our team to handle their remodel. This also helps homeowners set better budgets for their projects.
  • Who Will Be the Leader of Our Remodel? – Each of our remodels is assigned one of our in-house designers. They will be your point of contact, meaning if you have any questions or want an update, reach out to them.
  • Will You Stay on Budget, or Will the Cost Rise as The Project Starts? – The agreed-upon quote is the accurate quote. However, some unforeseen complications can arise, but we’ll notify you of those if they appear.
  • Is There Anything I Should Do Before the Remodel? – We ask a few things before our team arrives to start. These include packing away dishes and removing any furniture that may be in the way.
  • Does Your Team Clean When Finished? – Absolutely! We’d never leave you with a mess to clean up. Our team will do our best to clean up any dust and tools while sweeping and vacuuming any area we’ve been in.
  • Should I Resurface or Remodel My Kitchen Cabinets? – Resurfacing your cabinets is the more cost-effective approach, but in the long term, remodeling your cabinets provides a better return on your investment.
  • When’s The Best Time to Schedule a Kitchen Remodel? – The best time to schedule a remodel is when it’s best for you. While there may be better times, such as right before you move into a new home, our team is happy to work around your schedule. Our only recommendation is to plan, as your kitchen may not be usable for a short period of time, depending on the scope of the remodel.
  • Will Your Design Team Help Me Choose the Best Materials? – Absolutely. We have a selection of materials available for each package project. Your dedicated designer will work with you to ensure that your design goals are met.

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The We Do Kitchens 2 team has over 30 years of combined design experience. Everyone, from our designers, installation professionals, and management staff, is dedicated to providing the services you deserve. Regardless of whether you’re looking for a classic, transitional, or modern kitchen style, we have the supplies you need. We strive to provide you with the best products at a competitive, fair price. If you’re ready to unlock your kitchen’s full potential, call our team.

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