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Addressing Milwaukee’s Kitchen Countertops FAQ

You cannot go wrong with new countertops if you want to add functionality and style to your kitchen. Countertops play an essential role in any kitchen. They help you prepare lunch, practice your family cookie recipe, and much more. If you want to refresh your existing kitchen floorplan, look to the professionals at We Do Kitchens 2 for help. Our team is dedicated to our customers and help provide the best experience possible. That includes answering kitchen countertop FAQs from homeowners like you. When you’re ready to learn more, reach out. You’ll work alongside our team of experienced designers and installers to ensure you get what you need. Be sure to schedule your free estimate today!

Answering Your Kitchen Countertops FAQ

At We Do Kitchens 2, we want you to be completely satisfied and excited about your choice to get new kitchen countertops. While we have professionals standing by to help, we know some may have additional questions or want to handle their own research. Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of more frequently asked questions regarding kitchen countertops and our process. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have additional questions or want more information after reading our list. Here are our kitchen countertops FAQs:

  • Is There a Variety of Materials Available for Countertops? – Countertops can be found in laminate, marble, stone, quartz, and more. Each material comes with its own set of pros and cons. During your consultation, we’ll go through each to find the best material that suits your style and budget.
  • What Are the Pros and Cons of Laminate Countertops? – These countertops are made from sheets of laminate bonded to a particleboard core. You can find this in a wide variety of styles and colors. Laminate countertops are one of the most affordable options, making them one of the most popular. However, its affordability makes laminate vulnerable to warping, bubbling, scratches, and splitting. Repairs can be costly and cost nearly as much as the product itself.
  • What Are the Pros and Cons of Marble Countertops? – Marble is commonly known as one of the most luxurious materials for countertops as marble is a natural stone that’s mined from quarries. A new marble countertop will add a classic and luxurious style to any kitchen. One of the downsides of marble is how expensive it is to purchase and maintain. Marble is a porous rock, meaning it’s more likely to soak up any liquids and stains quickly. While hard to do, correcting if scratched, stained, or chipped is costly.
  • What Are the Pros and Cons of Stone Countertops? – Marble isn’t the only stone made into kitchen countertops. Other stones, such as granite and soapstone, are commonly used. Each of these stones possesses a natural beauty that boasts always being one of a kind. Similar to marble, stone countertops are difficult to maintain and costly to repair. Recently, there’s been a shift from granite lowering the resale of granite countertops.
  • What Are the Pros and Cons of Quartz Countertops? – Without a doubt, quartz countertops are one of the most popular and versatile countertops today. All quartz countertops are engineered by combining loose quartz into a resin that’s shaped to fit your needs. Unlike natural stone, quartz can be found in a broader range of colors. Further, quartz is durable and doesn’t require any resealing once installed. This allows quartz to resist stains and heat while being easier to maintain. One of the only downsides of quartz is the associated quartz. Depending on what mixture you look at, you could see a significant increase in cost. While this material is stain-resistant, liquids such as wine and tomato have been known to leave marks behind.
  • What’s Better, Quartz or Granite? – Ultimately, the decision comes down to the individual. Both are durable materials and can be costly depending on different factors. Quartz offers more flexibility than granite.
  • What’s the Most Affordable Countertop Material? – The most affordable material is easily laminate. It is recommended to invest more in quartz countertops due to their versatility and durability. Quartz offers a higher return on investment than laminate.
  • What Material Is the Easiest to Maintain? – Quartz is the easiest material to maintain. It’s a non-porous material that’s heat and stain resistant. It also doesn’t require to be resealed after installation. As long as all messes are correctly cleaned, quartz will last years.
  • Which Material Is the Most Heat Resistant? – Granite is the most heat-resistant countertop material. It’s important to note that while the stone itself is heat resistant, the sealant applied may not be.
  • Do I Need an Appointment To Visit The Show Room? – Not at all. Just stop by when you have the time. We’ll be happy to answer any questions.
  • Will There Be Seams In My Countertop? – Due to the chosen material and limitation surrounding handling, there will most likely be seams when completed. Our installation team strives to line everything properly. Before our arrival, you’ll see a mockup to show you where all potential seams will be located.
  • How Thick Is My New Countertop? – Most countertops are approximately 3cm thick.
  • How Can I Best Prepare for Installation Day? – We recommend clearing out all cabinets and removing all potential drawers. Further, we suggest keeping your kitchen free from all children and pets. This is so they remain safe as countertops are heavy.
  • Should I Empty My Cabinets Before Installation? – Yes. Our installation crew requires any lower cabinets to be cleared entirely and drawers removed. This allows our team access to the underside of the countertop.
  • How Long Does a Typical Countertop Installation Take? – The amount of time it takes depends on the project scope. On average, it takes our team one day to complete any installation.
  • What Is a Sealer, and When Do I Know When to Use One? – It’s easy to think of sealer as an extra layer of protection for your countertops. The sealer helps prevent any hard stains or damage to your countertops. Sealers are more important for stone countertops as they are porous and more absorbent. One of the most effective ways to test if it’s time to apply more sealer is to pour water on your countertops. If you notice the water being absorbed instead of pooling together, it’s time to apply more sealant.
  • Can Light Affect the Look Of My Countertop? – Light can impact the tone and overall impression of your new countertop. Warmer lights tend to cause this change. A white countertop may appear warmer in color under a fluorescent line.
  • Can I Cut Stone Countertops? – Even the sharpest kitchen knife will be unable to cut natural stone. The only material harder than natural stone is diamond. While it’s hard to scratch stone countertops, it is recommended to use a cutting board for food prep.
  • What is Countertop Templating? – Templating is using a laser to measure your kitchen and cabinets accurately. This ensures your new countertop is cut to fit your space precisely.
  • Do You Offer Financing? – Yes, we do. We believe that everyone should have their ideal kitchen. Reach out to discuss financing options.
  • What Can I Use to Clean My Stone Countertops? – We recommend using cleaning products that are designed on natural stone. If you cannot find any, soap and water are just as effective. It’s essential not to use any bleach or highly acidic cleaners. These can damage your stone countertops.

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