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5 Kitchen MUST HAVES for at Home Chefs

Embracing a Chef’s Kitchen

What is a chef’s kitchen? It’s a kitchen that’s made to meet the needs of a chef, whether that’s a professional chef or just someone who wants to level up their home cooking game. Designed and equipped to make high-level cooking convenient, this kind of kitchen can actually benefit anyone who wants to prepare meals at home, in a kitchen that is not just convenient but also welcoming, with aesthetic and functional design elements to truly make it the heart of the home. If you’re thinking of upgrading your kitchen, check out these five elements every chef’s kitchen needs.

Five Important Elements

  1. Ample room to move: In a chef’s kitchen, several people must be able to cook and prepare food comfortably together. Open floor plans and islands facilitate prepping, cooking, and socializing, working separately but together. If you think about bringing your kitchen to the level of a professional kitchen, picturing prep cooks, servers, and chefs working together seamlessly, a vision for your home kitchen layout will fall into place.
  2. Top-notch appliances: For a kitchen to function at its highest level, it needs high-end appliances. A sub-zero refrigerator and freezer, a gas cook range with higher than usual Btu and a grill or griddle, and multiple ovens are well worth your investment, because they will allow you to do things faster and more efficiently.
  3. Extra sink space: When you have multiple preparation spaces, you will need multiple sinks to keep up. Deep or farmhouse style sinks will allow you to wash food and dishes conveniently, and a faucet over the stove makes it easier to fill pots of water without having to carry them across the kitchen. More than one dishwasher can also be a boon, allowing you to always have clean dishes with nothing stacked in the sink.
  4. Next level organization: Cooking on a professional level requires plenty of tools, and those tools require the right storage. Multiple cutlery organizers and storage drawers will allow you to keep all of your gadgets and gizmos where they’re easy to find and easy to access.
  5. Plenty of counter space: What do you do in a kitchen that doesn’t require counter space? All the prep work, serving, and socializing needs counters, whether you’re rolling out pasta or sitting and eating. When you have enough counter space, you have room to work and room for people to hang out and keep you company while you work.

The Perfect Chef’s Kitchen from We Do Kitchens 2

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